祈りと準備For ADMA 東アジア、オセアニア地区大会 on 11 &12 Sep

(第4の神秘)  4th Glorious Mysteries

Assumption  「マリア、天の栄光にあげられる」

We live in difficult days under the pandemic of Covid 19, and we perceive the importance of precious life and precious human relationships. We pray this one decade of rosary for however hard the situation we face, we wish to live like Mary who always looked up to the Lord and walked beside Jesus. Wishing to strengthen out trust to God in our everyday life, we pray for Mary and ask for help to be able to love and care more and always for the people around us.



主の祈り(Our Father) 1回




Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver from evil. Amen.

アヴェ・マリアの祈り(Hail Mary)10回



Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

栄唱(Glory Be) 1回



as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

歌 「チマッティ神父様のアベ・マリア」 聖歌隊

ADMA 東アジア、オセアニア地区大会

Congreso ADMA Asia-Oceanía

日時:2021年9月11(土)12(日) 15:00〜17:00終了後zoomによる分かち合い(言語別)

Fecha y hora

 Sábado 11 y domingo 12 de septiembre de 2021
15:00〜17:00 Al terminar continua el compartir según los idiomas

Tema: como María, caminamos con Jesús

  • ADMAメンバーとしての意識を再確認しましょう

Profundizar la identidad como miembro de ADMA: Caminando con Jesús como María

  • ADMAの指針のために世界のADMAメンバーと繋がりましょう

Crecimiento en sinergia con la Directrices de la Asociación ADMA a nivel mundial


  Compartir por zoom según el idioma elegido


  Primer día(sábado): Cuáles son los principales desafíos que debemos enfrentar para un crecimiento saludable o el inicio de ADMA en nuestro país o cultura?


  Grupo en japonés y español-portugués


  Segundo día: Qué cambió en tu vida después de seguir la vocación de ADMA?


  Nosotros en Japón haremos el compartir todos juntos: japonés, español y portugués.

(Guía: P.Angel )

! 参加するための操作 ! Para poder participar…

*zoomで参加 (パソコン、スマートフォンなど)


  Hacer clikc a la dirección (ID) enviada

②zoomが開いたら、言語を選ぶ → 日本語の同時通訳が流れます

  Al abrirse el zoom, elegir el idioma. Según el idioma elegido habrá traducción (japonés o español)
-En la parte de abajo Donde está la flecha Se puede elegir el idioma
– 画面の下の方 この辺りに言語の選択が出ます  

*You Tubeのアドレス Dirección You Tube


15:00-15:05ようこそ! オリエンテーション、 プレゼンテーション議長:Vaclav神父
15:05-15:10歓迎のダンスTLS :ビデオ1
15:10-15:20始めの祈りPGS :ビデオ2
15:20-15:25総長のメッセージRMG-EAO :ビデオ3
15:25-15:40東ティモールのビデオTLS :ビデオ4
16:10-16:25フィリピン(南)のビデオFIN-S :ビデオ6
16:45-16:50閉会の祈りTHA :ビデオ7
16:50-16:55おやすみなさい:Virgilio da Silva大司教TLS-SDB :ビデオ8


14:30-15:00Zoom テストIT,通訳チーム

CIN – 中国、香港   INA – インドネシア   GIA – 日本   KOR – 韓国

PGS – ポートモレスビー   FIN – フィリピン北   FIS – フィリピン南

THA – タイ   TLS – ティモール   VIE – ベトナム


By Fr. Angel Yamanouchi, SDB
Spiritual Animator ADMA – Japan

 Tokyo, Japan, 5 August 2021 — Thanks to the EAO ADMA Congress preparation, we are able to hear many encouraging ADMA (Association of Mary Help of Christians) around the whole region. Today we share the ADMA Japan story, thanks to Fr. Angel Yamanouchi, who was among the very few non-Filipino participants in the First ADMA EAO Congress (2010) in Paranaque – Philippines:

  Thank you for your concern for ADMA Japan!

       More than 10 years after launching ADMA, we see lively growth. Right now we have 20 hopeful on the list of participants in the EAO ADMA Congress 2021. We are getting ready – at present there are 70 ADMA members in Japan: In our multi-cultural parish of Hamamatsu there are 50 (Japanese, Latinos (Spanish), Brazilians and Filipinos. And in Tokyo ADMA center there are between 20 to 30 members.

       During the pandemic ADMA Japan is growing

       At the beginning of this year 2021, Fr Provincial asked me to return to ADMA spiritual animation.

       In the group in Tokyo it seems that theere was not much close accompaniment. In Hamamatsu (NB – 250 km from Tokyo) with the language difficulty for Brazilians and Latinos who cannot understand Japanese well there are different challenges.

       Upon assuming the role of spiritual animator of ADMA again, I began Formation meetings, Novenas, Lenten experiences, daily Rosary, Eucharistic adoration every Thursday. Through ADMA many other people have been opened to this movement, some belong to some ecclesial group or movement, others are complete outsiders.

       ADMA online formation and spiritual – apostolic movement

       In the formation we have returned to comment on the ADMA Regulations and also the material that comes from Turin (ADMA Online – monthly formation newsletter) – I think it is well prepared and presented. I use this material in Spanish and in Zoom meetings I am commenting in Japanese and Portuguese. I perceive that this formation system works, since it’s regular – we meet every month.

       Within this pandemic, in the ordinary parishes everything is stopped, closed. There are times when there is no Mass either. Of course, also the other activities, catechesis – means everything is stopped.

       But through the digital platform (Zoom), we are opening catechetical spaces for children and young people. Some members of ADMA support the catechesis from their own place. Also when a specific need appears, for example for illness …they spontaneously pray and send financial aid. Also for many seniors who are unable to attend Mass or are asked not to go, this space is valuable.

       Multicultural ADMA brings more lively dynamics

       And moreover people of different nationalities and places enter this space: Japanese, Latinos, Brazilians and Koreans. Also people from other countries are entering: Spain, Korea or Argentina. The living presence of foreigners in ADMA Japan is giving life to the other lay groups that exist in Japan in a different way, where the community is composed only of Japanese believers.

       We are on the way, trying to hear what the Spirit says to this small, ADMA – part of the Universal Church!